Monday, June 18, 2012

Photo of the Week!!! + New New!!!

Bulgaria. I have been once, and I am going again soon!!!))

  Hi Everyone!!! So, I am going to do this new Bi-weekly competition thing!!!! On every other Thursday I will post a few phrases, pictures, or something about a specific book, movie or song. The first person to put the correct answer into the comments gets a mp3 song(s) via email!!! If it is a movie, then it will be some or all of the soundtrack from that film!! So, this Thursday is the first time, you won't win anything, I am just testing, but participate and have fun!!! Nest time it will be for real!! Talk to you soon))

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  1. Aahh that sounds like so much fun!!!!! Count me in! :) (provided I know the clues you give...haha) Super cool idea!


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