Monday, November 16, 2009

Pics Again

Here are some more photos from our climbing trip. It was totally cool. I can't wait for Moldoveanu!!!!!!!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Latest Pics

Here are some pics from my recent climbing trip with Dad. We had three nice days of climbing in the Carpathians. The first one from the bottom to the top is scouting on Goverla the highest mountain in Ukraine day one, two climbing Pip Ivan one of the highest in Ukraine day two, three climbing to the summit of Goverla on the red trail day three. It was Awesome!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Really Back!!!

Well, there you have it, I guess now I have to post after posting that quote!!!! So, like what has been going on in my life for the past three months??? Since my last post I was in a wedding at the end of August, got a little sick afterward for a day or two. Next, my Mom's twin brother came to visit for eleven days at the end of September. That was totally cool, we had a great time and did some sight seeing in both Romania and here. In October I did a lot of stuff, although at the moment I can not remember anything specefic, (short term memory loss!! I hear it happens when you get old!!!) I did some climbing at the end of the month, cleaned up our garden and yard, and the other day the plow came. Obviously, I have been doing school and keeping the kids at church in line!!!! Also, A guy at church has been trying to cause some problems, but my God is BIGGER. And please pray for that kid name Eugene that I asked you to pray for in my last post, He sooo needs God and his saved father is not helping with that. Thank the Lord for All of the souls we have seen saved so far this year!!!! I can not wait for more!!!! Oh, ya and I turned old!! Eighteen, oh boy now I get to fill out my own long imigration form every time I cross a border. Which is all the time. By the way, please pray for all of us as we have all had a touch of the flu this past week. Right now it is freaky, All the schools in Ukraine are closed down and the police are not letting people across the state borders very easily. Almost everyone is walking around with face masks on and the village pharmacies were cleaned out for a few days, it is a Swine Flu scare. Things are getting better though, but I tell you, it is freaky going into a restaurant in the city and seeing all of the staff looking like they are about to go into surgury!!! Give me the Blood!!! We are being careful but reasonable, no fifty mile weeks for a while. Signing off. Don'ty worry I won't be gone so long this time!!!