Saturday, May 30, 2009

Of Bumps, Cops, and Screaming Bible Thumpers

  Yes, that would be me, well not screaming just heralding. Ya we got to Kiev safely in spite of a CRAZY navigator, ME!! We passed out several thousand tracts durring over four hours of street meetings today and two men got saved!! Do I hear a "Slava Domnului!!!"?? That's praise God by the way, I have internet access for a short time so I have to be brief, thanks for your prayers, I can feel them "across the kilometers"!! Bro. Demopolis is a very good missionary, faithful over here for the past 18 years!! We will be doing more of the same tomorrow plus regular church. Pics of our progress later on. Zdavia

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Touring the East

Hi all. Sorry I have not posted the last few days, I've been working around the house and yard about twelve hours a day. I am leaving to go to Kiev tomorrow morning, and I am not looking forward to the nine hour trip on our 'awesome' roads!! Me and several other guys are going to do some street preaching. This is the maiden voyage for a new tract and banner that Bro. Sutek, a missionary in Romania, came up with. It is wordless but gives the whole Gospel by using drawings. Cool huh??!! We were going to go through Moldova, but like I implied a while ago, there is a problem going through the border, especially if you are Romanian like the guys who are going with us. Pray that we will have a good trip and reach a lot of folks with the Gospel. Oh ya, I am making my blog public, as I am sure you saw. It is easier and I can reach more people. By the way, check out my other blog sometime, it is kind of different, but I like it. I'll be back on Tuesday night, so, till then: you only have one life, use it right!!!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Is that a cool shot or what???

No, it is not computer generated. Wish I could shoot pics like that, although I would not like the price tag on the camera!

Buttprints in the Sand

Buttprints in the Sand
One night I had a wondrous dream, One set of footprints there was seen, The footprints of my precious Lord, But mine were not along the shore.
But then some strange prints appeared, And I asked the Lord, "What have we here?" Those prints are large and round and neat,"But Lord, they are too big for feet."
"My child," He said in somber tones," For miles I carried you along. I challenged you to walk in faith, But you refused and made me wait."
"You disobeyed, you would not grow, The walk of faith, you would not know, So I got tired, I got fed up, And there I dropped you on your butt."
"Because in life, there comes a time, When one must fight, and one must climb, When one must rise and take a stand, Or leave their butt prints in the sand."

Sincerely in the Lord Jesus,

Pastor Thomas Castellaw
Bible Baptist Church / Bibel Baptisten Gemeinde
Heidelberg, Germany

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

In Ua

We are back in Ukraina but I do not have time to post. Bye

Saturday, May 23, 2009


Getting on the Road in a few minutes. Pray that we are safe. By the way the reference for that last post was Genesis 15:1. You all are great

He Is the One

Something I got out of the Word today. God always keeps track.

Fear not, ...I am thy shield, and thy exceeding great reward.

I Love going 160 in our Mercedes, It's sooooo sweet!!!!

Ok, I am in a hotel room in Budapest Hungary. Yes, I was supposed to be here on Tuesday night but it is a long story, short version: we stopped for the night on Tuesday at our friends the Castellaws in Hiedelburg De and had some really good fellowship, the next day we went to a castel on the way out and someone or thing broke our windshield while we were sight seeing, it is not totally broken but it had to be fixed. Yes, I know that was a run on sentence. Anyway, we are on the road back to UA and having a great time, you all should here some of the songs we compose and sing on the road!! Mabye I will post some later. The roads up until Ukraine are great so we always dread the trip back more than the trip out. Going there the roads get better ever country; going back the roads get worse every country!! Oh yea, the drivers do too!! Please pray for the situation in Moldova, I will tell you about it later. But missionaries over there need your prayers right now. Also we are having a problem with a preaching trip that we were going to take because of it. Pics are still not uploading, sorry. I have to go!! Stay in His will.

Monday, May 18, 2009


GO Red Sox!!!!!!!!!! Stay At Least 1.5 games in front of the Yankees like your are right now!!! Figures the Celtics had to blow it.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

In the Land of the Windmill

Well, yesterday we hung out at the Green's house and then went to the base. Got some awesome American pizza and then played basketball for an hour. Won one and lost one. It's so nice to have other Christians around you, never mind the fact that they speak English!!! We were going to have a street meeting in Aachen last night but it got canceled by some circumstances. The castle we went to was cool though. Not real big, but nice and fancy compared to Ukranian ones. Church this morning was great!! Dad preached, in English for the 2nd time in 2 years, on "Do You Really Still Love God?." I sang "A Few Good Men" in a slap together quartet with my dad, Jonathan, Stephen, and Yours Truely. My "former friend" Jacob Green was trying to mess me up the whole time by making faces etc. I guess I'll forgive him someday!!! Praise the Lord for these missionaries doing a great work with these Military and German people. We went to a USAF base in Belgium in the evening and had a great service there. I am not supposed to say what the base is for, but it is very high security!!! Cool stuff!! After the service we went over to the missionary pastor's house and had some really good fellowship. Please pray for the Harrises as they are getting older and can not serve God as good physically as they want to.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

A Zombie!! (spelling)

Well, I do not love this template, but I did not have time to make a better one. Since it is no longer winter and I do not want it to BE winter I thought it might help the weather if I changed it. Makes sense right?? Today we are going to a NATO base not far away and then going to find some castle in Holland. Talk to you all later.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Near Holland

Germany has been good. Figures, last time we were here I brought winter stuff,. You know wolf fur line ski coat, boots the whole deal. Well, it was hot almost 25 everyday. So, this time I brought mostly summer clothes, and... you guessed it. It has been cold, more or less, around 10 or so. Oh, I forgot, on the way to Germany we took a small detour and went through Saltsburg, (spelling??) Austria. It was so beautiful!!! We had a snow ball fight, saw where Motzart was born, walked around some of the places where The Sound of Music was filmed and got in to our place in Germany at 5 in the morning. Runing here is awesome. The hills are wicked steep and there has been fog almost everyday so you feel like you're in a midevil world. I went for a 7 mile run on Tuesday and ended up going for 11. But I loved it. It is so easy to worship when your are all alone and using your body to serve God. The flesh does not like it, but it works. Yesterday we drove to Aachen, near Holland but still in Germany, and are staying here until Sunday. Being around Americans is great!! We even got to go to Chile's the other day!!! Ya, there is one on Ramstien, the largest Air Force Base in DE. I got to go to two services of a missions conference last week . The Lord really moved. One of the men who has been coming to the church since March asked to be washed. He meant baptised. He gave his testimony of his mother leading him to Christ when he was a kid and how he came to Germany later. Did I mention that he is from Iraq??? Cool huh?? God can work anywhere. I need to go. We have five laptops going at the same time playing a flight simulator. I need to kill some F-16's. I can not stand Lockheed!!!! Go General Electric!!!! I'll put some pics on later, it is at working at the moment


Yes, I know the whole world is looking for me, and going into shock because I have not updated my blog even though I do VERY faithfully. Right?? LOL Believe it or not I am back in Germany!! Ya well we had to come back out for my mom to go to the doctor for a follow up visit to last month. I have been out here for a week and have not used the computer for the whole time. Praise God we are doing fine. A few days before we left I was playing that game with my brother where he swings on his swing and pretends to hit my. So I go flyinging like a Kamaza hit me. Oh, ya, a Kamaza is a big Soviet truck. Anyway, I played with him for a while and then said that was enough, well he did not think so, so he hit me for real, really hard. I went down like a sack of potatoes and landed on a cement pad. Wow, I am still in a little bit of pain , but praise God I did not break anything, just bruised a few bones. Please pray for the church in Ua while we are gone. we have a lot of young Christians who are still weak.