Sunday, May 17, 2009

In the Land of the Windmill

Well, yesterday we hung out at the Green's house and then went to the base. Got some awesome American pizza and then played basketball for an hour. Won one and lost one. It's so nice to have other Christians around you, never mind the fact that they speak English!!! We were going to have a street meeting in Aachen last night but it got canceled by some circumstances. The castle we went to was cool though. Not real big, but nice and fancy compared to Ukranian ones. Church this morning was great!! Dad preached, in English for the 2nd time in 2 years, on "Do You Really Still Love God?." I sang "A Few Good Men" in a slap together quartet with my dad, Jonathan, Stephen, and Yours Truely. My "former friend" Jacob Green was trying to mess me up the whole time by making faces etc. I guess I'll forgive him someday!!! Praise the Lord for these missionaries doing a great work with these Military and German people. We went to a USAF base in Belgium in the evening and had a great service there. I am not supposed to say what the base is for, but it is very high security!!! Cool stuff!! After the service we went over to the missionary pastor's house and had some really good fellowship. Please pray for the Harrises as they are getting older and can not serve God as good physically as they want to.

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