Saturday, May 23, 2009

I Love going 160 in our Mercedes, It's sooooo sweet!!!!

Ok, I am in a hotel room in Budapest Hungary. Yes, I was supposed to be here on Tuesday night but it is a long story, short version: we stopped for the night on Tuesday at our friends the Castellaws in Hiedelburg De and had some really good fellowship, the next day we went to a castel on the way out and someone or thing broke our windshield while we were sight seeing, it is not totally broken but it had to be fixed. Yes, I know that was a run on sentence. Anyway, we are on the road back to UA and having a great time, you all should here some of the songs we compose and sing on the road!! Mabye I will post some later. The roads up until Ukraine are great so we always dread the trip back more than the trip out. Going there the roads get better ever country; going back the roads get worse every country!! Oh yea, the drivers do too!! Please pray for the situation in Moldova, I will tell you about it later. But missionaries over there need your prayers right now. Also we are having a problem with a preaching trip that we were going to take because of it. Pics are still not uploading, sorry. I have to go!! Stay in His will.

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