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We live our days as a tale that is told, Job said. Well, I guess that is one way to look at it, but seeing everything in life as an adventure is cool too. Life is awesome, working hard, living hard. Praise God for a good spirit still in the school. Helped the Suteks move a little furniture today. Maybe tomorrow we will play some volleyball after school. M-Out

Study David, Study!!!

Cranked out 7 this morning before class. Trails rule!

Steve messing around before class.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

I caught a hedgehog tonight. He is around two kilos . It is a nice twoish year old. Awesome insectivore!

Thursday- Brother Logan re-invented the pointer in manuscripts class. Otherwise known as a microphone stand.

I enhanced my photo here. It's me in tractoral park, Brasov last week. Cool huh?


I Wish

Dead tired after institute today (Wednesday). I got to go for a three mile run, but it was REALLY hot and my last mile was only at 6: 50 pace. Things here are great. Working hard. Sorry to anyone that I owe an e-mail or blog comment to. I am hoping to get back into that at the end of this week. In case you did not know, I am a Ryan Hall fanatic!!! -Mask

Every Nation and Tribe and Kindred

whosever believeth in Him...

God is not willing that any should perish...

Privet Moi Drugii

Privet Bce, sechas ye v Rumania. Ya hachu gavareet po SKYPE kagda u vas est vremya. Dobro Bachina Bce. Ya lublu Vas. Makn


New status, off to Romania everyone. I will be out of UA for seven or eight weeks, but hopefull I will be able to post frequently.

The World

For God so loved the world...

Yo Planet

Still working on it. Getting there.


Sorry everybody, I have done lots of posts, but they will not post. So, I am working on it at the moment. Consider this blog offline for the moment.