Friday, January 30, 2009


We started our tapping line at the end of last week. I know it might seem early but the weather has really warmed up and the sap is running, not very fast but it's running none the less. We have only put about 25 taps in so far, so we still have a lot to do when Dad gets back from Germany.

Keep Praying

Please keep praying for Dad, he is still in Germany. He bought a car and has it registered but still needs to make the long drive back to Ukraine. The roads are icy and snowy so he needs your prayers. Also we need to pick up my aunt who is coming to visit tomorrow.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Trash Day

The trash "truck" came last week. It was a pretty good deal, only about eight bucks a load!! I think the government should use these; cheap, "green," and fun to have come!! Signing off

Sunday, January 25, 2009

There's more than one way to "make" friends!!!

Back to the Past agian!! So, Dad, Diah and I spent several hours on the 16th making snowmen!! Say hi to my new best friend: Gort the Skier!!! Cool huh??!! Ya, Dad and I made him, and Diah made the other one all by himself. Hey, I should ask Gort if he will give Pastor Bell some pointers!!! Hey, if you look lower there are some more posts. I did a lot at the same time.

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday Todd!!! Wow seventeen already!! You're getting pretty old!! I guess you'll have to be in a nursing home soon!! Have a great day and new year to serve God with!!

A Ua New Year's

Back to the Past. Well, the holiday season is officially over. We spent the 14th doing normal stuff. The Orthodox people in the town marched up and down the streets and chanted the whole day. Mom and Dad brought some friends of ours who were affected by the flood to the state capital. I stayed home and babysat Jedidiah for the whole day. We had a really good time. Praise the Lord for an awesome brother who is really fun to be with and loves the Lord. Over-and-out.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Pa to GE

Quick update, please pray for Dad, he is leaving for Germany tomorrow night at about 6:30 and will be coming home at the end of the week. He has to ride to the state capital with a friend, take a bus to the country's capital and then take a plane to Germany. Please pray for safety and for the Lord to give him wisdom on what car to get for us.

Thursday, January 22, 2009


I can not believe that the Cardinals are into the Super Bowl!! They had a 9 and 7 record, plus the Patriots beat them 47 to 7!!! I wanted the Ravins to beat the Steelers, cause I do not like the Steelers, but they didn't, soooo.. Go Cardinals!!!!!!!!

A UA Christmas

We went caroling on the 6th and had a great time. About fifteen people came out and we sang at about 20 houses. It was cold but, praise the Lord we were able to invite lots of people to church and give the Gospel to some. In Ukraine, when you come to a house to carol, the people there give you candy, bread, money, oranges, or cookies. At each house we gave out a tract, an invite to church, and a Christian calender. Christmas morning [the 7th] we had a good service with about 30 in attendance and several first-time visitors. We also gave out sacks of potatoes and onions to people who were affected by the flood. Christmas Eve we went out caroling again and were able to reach a lot more people. We got some really interesting reactions too, some people acted put-out, some acted happy, some cried, some acted indifferent, and one lady gave us some money after we sang a song, well, we started to sing another song and she said, "I gave you money, leave allready!!!" LOL!! Praise the Lord we were able to reach a lot of folks with the Gospel!!!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

A New Name

Hey, I just wanted to let you all know that today at about five fifteen a thirteen year old boy named Sasha asked Christ to be his Saviour!!!!! We have know him for almost a year and he has said before that he wanted to be saved, but was not willing to admit that he was a sinner. Well, today was different, Dad gave the Gospel very clearly at teen group, and Sasha stood up and said that he was a sinner, he knew that Christ died for him, and he wanted to accept that. So, he prayed on his own and recieved Salvation!!! Praise the God!!! [that's how Diah says it!!]

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

New Year

Happy New Year!!!! No way, 2009 allready?? I thought 2000 was the like, yesterday, right?? so what are you going to do this year?? Serve hard, work hard, play hard, live hard. You are going to die anyway so you might as well do right while you can!!!! "You can sleep when you're dead!!!" -Alvin ["Alvin and the Chipmunks" the source of all great wisdom!!!!] Have a great year!!!!!

Basset Hound!! [for those of you who have seen Madagascar II

So, we have been singing Christmas carols in family devotions every night. This is the way J.J. sings "We Three Kings of Orient Are." Here goes...

We thee kings of royal and tall,

Bearing gifts we travel so far.

Fields and mountains,

More of mountains

Following streams of light.

Oh, oh, star of wonder

Star that's bright,

Star of loyal beauty bright.

Westward leading, still preceding

Guide us through the perfect night.


The sunset that Alec had on his blog the other day was cool, but I am kind of partial to this one. The sun setting over the beautiful Ukranian hills, the picket fences, and An Outhouse!!! That's Ukraine!!

Once again proving that any talent can be used for Him [the Saturday after Christmas]

Ya, so our van is still broken, the roads are all covered with packed snow [they do not plow here], it's Saturday morning, we need to bring the kids to kids club at church, and I bike all the time, resolution: "God's Train" as the kids call it. Cool huh??!!! It worked great!!! We got a lot of weird looks, but everyone looks at us weird anyway so who cares??

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Christmas Day

We all had a great day. Praise the Lord for being willing to come and do so much that we never deserved. We started the day opening presents and reading the Christmas story, then headed out to a church service in a village on the Moldovian border. It went well in spite of the fact that it went for over three and a half hours!! Dad preached a good message on what was born on Christmas. All in all it was a awesome day. I got a nice new ski coat, Nikon camera [over 7 mega pixels], a cool Indiana Jones computer game, and a bunch of other stuff. I do not have time to tell everything that I got for my family. I know that the season is over for most of you in the Eastern Hemisphere, but I am going to post about Christmas for a while yet as the season does not end until the middle of January!!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009


Hey, sorry about the language thing you all. I tried fixing it, but it is not cooperating. The weird thing is that it comes up in several different languages. Oh well, I'll talk later. In English.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Sun. thru Wed. [21-24]

We had good services on Sunday. Monday through Wednesday was spent getting ready for Christmas and trying to get a car to use, no luck, it's a long story!!! We went to the city everyday and did shopping and stuff. It takes forever to get any thing done in this country; the three days that we spent shopping could have been done in about three hours, mabye four, in the States. But at least we did not die or get beat up over it. Got to witness to like five or six taxi drivers. Got to almost go to heaven while we were riding with them too!! Got to go.