Sunday, January 11, 2009

Christmas Day

We all had a great day. Praise the Lord for being willing to come and do so much that we never deserved. We started the day opening presents and reading the Christmas story, then headed out to a church service in a village on the Moldovian border. It went well in spite of the fact that it went for over three and a half hours!! Dad preached a good message on what was born on Christmas. All in all it was a awesome day. I got a nice new ski coat, Nikon camera [over 7 mega pixels], a cool Indiana Jones computer game, and a bunch of other stuff. I do not have time to tell everything that I got for my family. I know that the season is over for most of you in the Eastern Hemisphere, but I am going to post about Christmas for a while yet as the season does not end until the middle of January!!

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