Saturday, January 3, 2009

Sun. thru Wed. [21-24]

We had good services on Sunday. Monday through Wednesday was spent getting ready for Christmas and trying to get a car to use, no luck, it's a long story!!! We went to the city everyday and did shopping and stuff. It takes forever to get any thing done in this country; the three days that we spent shopping could have been done in about three hours, mabye four, in the States. But at least we did not die or get beat up over it. Got to witness to like five or six taxi drivers. Got to almost go to heaven while we were riding with them too!! Got to go.


  1. Hey Macky! Thanks for the invite! Glad to be able to see what's going on w/ you guys over there! Hope your New Year was great! So strange to see stuff in another language :) God bless!

  2. Heyy Macky! How do I follow your blog? Everything's in a different language! lol :)


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