Thursday, January 22, 2009

A UA Christmas

We went caroling on the 6th and had a great time. About fifteen people came out and we sang at about 20 houses. It was cold but, praise the Lord we were able to invite lots of people to church and give the Gospel to some. In Ukraine, when you come to a house to carol, the people there give you candy, bread, money, oranges, or cookies. At each house we gave out a tract, an invite to church, and a Christian calender. Christmas morning [the 7th] we had a good service with about 30 in attendance and several first-time visitors. We also gave out sacks of potatoes and onions to people who were affected by the flood. Christmas Eve we went out caroling again and were able to reach a lot more people. We got some really interesting reactions too, some people acted put-out, some acted happy, some cried, some acted indifferent, and one lady gave us some money after we sang a song, well, we started to sing another song and she said, "I gave you money, leave allready!!!" LOL!! Praise the Lord we were able to reach a lot of folks with the Gospel!!!

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  1. Sounds like our adventure, Christmas Caroling in Wal Mart! lol


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