Friday, May 15, 2009

Near Holland

Germany has been good. Figures, last time we were here I brought winter stuff,. You know wolf fur line ski coat, boots the whole deal. Well, it was hot almost 25 everyday. So, this time I brought mostly summer clothes, and... you guessed it. It has been cold, more or less, around 10 or so. Oh, I forgot, on the way to Germany we took a small detour and went through Saltsburg, (spelling??) Austria. It was so beautiful!!! We had a snow ball fight, saw where Motzart was born, walked around some of the places where The Sound of Music was filmed and got in to our place in Germany at 5 in the morning. Runing here is awesome. The hills are wicked steep and there has been fog almost everyday so you feel like you're in a midevil world. I went for a 7 mile run on Tuesday and ended up going for 11. But I loved it. It is so easy to worship when your are all alone and using your body to serve God. The flesh does not like it, but it works. Yesterday we drove to Aachen, near Holland but still in Germany, and are staying here until Sunday. Being around Americans is great!! We even got to go to Chile's the other day!!! Ya, there is one on Ramstien, the largest Air Force Base in DE. I got to go to two services of a missions conference last week . The Lord really moved. One of the men who has been coming to the church since March asked to be washed. He meant baptised. He gave his testimony of his mother leading him to Christ when he was a kid and how he came to Germany later. Did I mention that he is from Iraq??? Cool huh?? God can work anywhere. I need to go. We have five laptops going at the same time playing a flight simulator. I need to kill some F-16's. I can not stand Lockheed!!!! Go General Electric!!!! I'll put some pics on later, it is at working at the moment

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  1. I fixed the places that I want to go on my blog... =) I don't know how I missed that! *smacks self in head*


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