Saturday, June 2, 2012

Give someone you dont know a big smile today!!! =)

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  1. I think that is so so awesome! I have done it many times and friends ask me if I knew that random person whom I smiled at. Something like, "Who was she/he?"
    I reply as-a-matter-of-fact, "A human being." :)

  2. I was doing this for 4 hours tonight. Such is the life of a fast-food worker.

  3. I've done it several times, and people smile back because they are so shocked! Feels great.

  4. Hey that's a good one! I like to do that on my runs - I'm usually so shocked when people don't smile back! It's like "hey I'm the one running here - if anyone should be smiling it's you walkers!" LOL! :) Like the blog - visited every once in a while since my two brothers Jonathan and Stephen Raub met you in Germany in 2009. Keep up the great work!


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