Saturday, April 14, 2012

Spoken Word

Well, with "Easter" coming up I thought I would finally post this video and see what responses I get. I imagine many of you have seen it already. It went viral on YouTube and got like 14 million hits in three days. Anyway, I am not going to comment, you do that for me!!! Talk to you all soon!!!!!!!

I do not claim any rights to this video, all credit goes to the video uploader. 


  1. love this video, I think it speaks to all people

  2. I never could understand why some people pretend to be Christian, going to church and wearing crosses around their necks, while treating others so poorly and acting positively unChristian. That's a pretty powerful video you shared.

  3. I agree with Sherry all the way. My letter "R" is Religion vs Non-religion so the video is very interesting.

  4. Yes, very true.People should see who we are by our actions not our empty words


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