Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The Collaboration of Clothing

   Hi  Everybody, I wrote this like last year, and I actually posted it on my blog, but I just read it again and got a kick out of it!!! It is not the best writing ever, but I hope it gives you a smile. Sooooo, Enjoy!! 

Clothing is essential. This well known fact is obvious to most, yet to others, the pursuit of clothing, not the clothing itself, is the primary focus of life. Everyone has a clothing preference, it’s only natural, but sometimes, the urge to splurge can get a little out of hand. If you see yourself falling into one of the following clothing-worshiping categories, better do yourself a favor and change your act quick. Your fashion is not only damaging your image, but your bank account as well.
First, and most abundant, we find the “Faddist,” they crave whatever’s “in the now” regardless of color, style, or cost. This clothes junky is the friend you have, who seems to live at the mall. Oh, they’re “only trying to fit in!” Yes, but this “fitting in” not only consumes their time and resources, but also is a never-ending cycle which offers no hope of fulfillment.
Secondly, the color-loving “Islander” comes to our attention. You see them everywhere! They, like the “Faddist” don’t care what type of clothing they buy, yet it must be colorful. It seems that their supreme goal in life is to have others mistake them for a yeti-sized parrot! The “Islanders” have no sense of matching or dressing for the occasion; all they care about is having more colors on then anyone else, at any given time!
Next, we move to the orderly “Scientist.” They couldn’t give a rip about fashion, although they do have a color preference, and cost is their main concern. They fly into a rage when their favorite outfit goes up by five cents, but it doesn’t really matter because they rarely buy new clothing. Most people agree that the “Scientist” one day sat down; picked a color, clothing style and model; bought about twenty outfits of this “practically perfect in every way” outfit; and then declared himself set for life!
Now into our critical spotlight steps the powerful “Athlete” always dressed for action. They do care about fashion to a small extent, but function is their primary concern. They eternally believe that an athletic disaster is about to strike; whether it be at church, a yard sale, or a formal dinner; and dress accordingly. Never seen wearing a business suit or other restrictive clothing, the “Athlete” needs to change his focus and get a better look at reality.
After turning around one-hundred and eighty degrees we see the well-known “Businessman.” Unfortunately, this rigid character is the total opposite of both the “Athlete” and the “Islander” as he dresses in nothing but drab. Always seen wearing black, dark blue, or grey, I would venture to say that the “Businessman” would walk through a mud puddle on purpose just to cleanse his socks of that bright, horrid, color known as white! If this stickler ever wore anything but formal attire, the person who saw it must no longer be in the land of the living.
Last, but certainly not least, in swings the courageous “Tarzan.” This down-to-earth fellow seems to think that he is related to a bush! He never dresses in colors not naturally found side-by-side in nature, and his clothing is always loose and leafy. His shirts and even his shoes are an earth-friendly sixty-seven percent biodegradable. This sunny individual seems to think that by wearing the earth, he is heroically saving it.
Hopefully, you now have a more rounded understanding of several of the many clothing personalities. Have fun cleaning out your closet! ;)


  1. I prefer just plain clothing jeans plain shirts and stuff like that lol

  2. Great post, and it's so true! I wouldn't put myself in any of those categories (thank goodness). I buy clothes that I like, but only if I have the money for them. I definitely don't follow fashion, because more often than not I don't like it. :)

  3. LOL. I think I fall a bit into the Scientist category; I wear the same sort of clothes for days in a row.

  4. I must be an athletic scientist then – lol! Nice post.


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