Monday, April 30, 2012

Photo of the Week!!!

A dog looks up to a man,
A cat looks down on a man,
But a patient horse looks a man in the eye and sees him as an equal. - Unknown

    A good friend of mine was recently talking about going to a dressage camp, so I just had to post some horse stuff!!  I really want to find some place to ride here, we'll see.  
    The kids have three days off of school, so I am taking my little bro camping!! If you do not here from me or get a response very fast that is why. Be back soon Have a totally awesome day!!! 


  1. I've only been on a horse a few times but only going slow on trails sounds like what your doing should be a blast

  2. Great pic... totally reminds me of the Wild West :)

  3. Have fun....and experience GOD


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