Tuesday, June 16, 2009

A Week In the Work

Howdy everyone, wow I have been wicked busy!! Sorry to anyone I owe an e-mail to, I will write you just wait a little. I just got back from three hours of intense soccer, a nice workout to say the least. Please pray for all the kids we make contact with through this ministry, they need Christ so badly. The heat here has been brutal about 34 in the shade most days. I went out for a ten mile run yesterday, in about 31 degree weather, and felt like an absolute whimp after looking at my watch!!! Running hills in the heat is awesome, it's kind of like putting tons of hot sauce on a burger, it kills, but it's addicting!!
Saturday our ministries went well and I was able to go for a nice run in the woods with my dad in the afternoon. Sunday was good with lots of visitors and a good crowd all around. I had to go down in the afternoon and cut the grass at church as it rained on Friday and Saturday. For the first time ever I was able to do most of it with a weed eater instead of a scythe. Praise God for the elec being on most of the time now!! For those of you who use easy stuff ike lawn mowers etc. a scythe is a tool composed of a long wooden handel rounded at one end with a cross handel in the middle, having a three of four foot steel blade that is sharp enough to cut off your foot, used in backward countries. Seriously, my dad almost cutoff his thumb sharpeneing it last year. Iy may not be easy to use, but boy does it give you a good core workout!! We had volley ball for teens in the afternoon and were able to reach about 8 new kids with the Gospel, plus a lot of repeats. Pray for the work here.
Please pray for a man named Vitalic's father. Vitalic and his wife are saved, praise God, but his family is not. Last week Dad and I went fishing with Vitalic's Dad; at the moment his name escapes me, some missionary huh??; and both dad and I were able to get in a pretty good witness with him. He so needs Christ's salvation. By the way these are some of the pics from my preaching trip to Kiev, Chernivtsi, several places in the East. It was such a blessing to see four souls come to Christ and the Gospel spread forth. I forgot, last Thursday Dad and I took a short midnight trip to Romania to bring some frends to the airport. I could feel all your prayers at the border crossings. Praise God we had no problems and had a great time. Ukraine is nuts, out of the many countries I have been in it is the hardest to get in to. Every one I talk to says the same thing too. Bro. Sutek, the man who lead our preaching trip a missionariy in Romania, almost blew his top trying to come in through the border. He said it was harder to get into than Russia was ten years ago. Life in a 3rd world, communist wasteland. signing off

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