Saturday, June 20, 2009

Life in the "Gravel Lane"

OK, I'll give you all a really quick update on the past few days of my life. Last night about 11:30 I got to go for a nice run, the stars were great, even if I did get chased by a few dogs, this morning I ran all the games at our kids ministries played some soccer this afternoon, worked around the house and yard, picked blue and white mullberries with my dad, went for another nice run in the hills behind our town, and studied. How is that for a run on sentence!! Please pray for me as I preach tomorrow morning. I should do Ok as long as I trust God and do not get nervous. Preaching in Romanian is not a problem for me unless I think that it will be, that's when I mess up. Pray that it goes well and the Lord is glorified. Today it was 46 in the sun!!!! That C by the way, or in other words about 115 F. Perfect weather to play soccer in. See Y later

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