Thursday, June 25, 2009

OK, the last few days I have been doing early summer stuff. The cherry harvest is coming in and even though we only have three large trees and a lot of smaller ones it is tons of work!! Yesterday I spent a while picking, as I will today also. Yesterday I got in about 8.5 liters. Not a lot but a good effort I guess. The tree that I was working on does not even look like it has been picked at all!!! I estimate that all together we have about 250 liters of cherries on our property.
Tuesday I did some study, ran, etc., and played almost three hours of soccer. Praise the LORD for everyone that came out. Between dad and I we were able to invite over a half a dozen new kids out to church and kids ministries. Please pray that they come out and are saved. This area needs true salvation so badly. Sometimes I can't get it off my mind.
I wrote some new verses to the B I B L E yesterday. In Romanian of course, I might post them later. My hair just got cut off, and although I would like to post more I am leaving for Romania in a few minutes, so I need to go. Talk to y'all later.


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