Sunday, November 16, 2008

Kiddies Need the Lord

Good Saturday. Praise the Lord for all seven kids that came out today!!!!! Only one of them is saved, but they all heard the Gospel. The games all went well [of course they did,I lead them!!]. Only joking!!! Team "Leaves" beat team "Grass" out of all the game scores combined. We had a lesson about the first part of Noah's life. Afterwards Dad, "D", and I went to "Hoboville", the county seat, and had a good time running errands. It is really called Novoselitsa, but in Russian it is spelled "Hoboce^liu,a" so we call it Hoboville. Later in the day Dad and J.J. caleaned the church yard while Mom and I cleaned out a backroom in the church to use as a Sunday school room. Mom decorated the room after we was cleaned it out and it looks GREAT!!!!! Pray that many children will come to know Jesus in this room.

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