Saturday, November 22, 2008


Praise God for His Grace!!! Good Sunday, about 25 out to morning service. The afternoon was good with about 15 teens in attendance, and yes my team won 4 out of 7 games of volleyball!! Of course!! LOL School at the beggining of the week. Thursday Dad and I spent the morning helping to pour a foundation for a widowed lady whose house was destroyed in the flood, then we hightailed it to the house and grabbed our camping gear. We started out on the drive but after about 1.5 hours the road got really bad [if that is possible!!] because it had all been washed out by the flood. It was gravel and dirt with huge potholes where we could go only about 40 K's an hour!! Nice huh?? We got to the mountain [ the highest in Ukraine] at about 5:30 and then back tracked down the "highway" for about 5 K's and went down a logging road to find a nice clearing for a campsight. After finding a place for our tent [a nice mossy spot with pines for protection] we got a fire going; set up our tent; and had a nice dinner of Ramen, carrots, hot dogs, and hot chocolate. We got to sleep at 8:40 as there was nothing else to do, and had a nice time of getting our sleeping bags warm as it was in the low twenties. And, I will continue this post later!! Ha ha

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