Friday, November 14, 2008

Back to Normal

Wow, I am finaly blogging agian. Sorry to everybody for not writing in so long. Since I got back to Ukraine I have not been able to blog since the dial up is to slow to blog, but we just got "DSL" more-or-less. It is not really fast, but it is fast enough. Lets see, what have I been doing, school, school, school, OK, got in some nice running, I fixed my bike, got the "throwup" bug, got a cold, harvested appricots, helped my parents and brother pick our grapes and make over forty liters of juice out of them, helped out with the little kids at church every week, made a giant jack-o-lantern out of our 104 pound pumpkin, and a lot of other stuff. I am just going to put a lot of pictures of various things on the page. Signing off.

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