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Kronosaurus (pronounced /ˌkrɒnoʊˈsɔrəs/ kron-o-sawr-əs, meaning "lizard of Kronos") is an extinct genus of short-necked pliosaur. It was among the largest pliosaurs, and is appropriately named after the leader of the Greek Titians, Cronus.

K. queenslandicus at Harvard University which may have been reconstructed with too many vertebrae, and may therefore be too long
K. queenslandicus scale diagram, showing the size of the restored Harvard skeleton along with a more accurate estimate


Kronosaurus lived in the pre-flood and possibly post-flood world. K-saurus may have be come extinct because of post-flood changing oxygen levels, or changing ocean temperatures after a large ice caps developed at the poles following and during the Ice Age.

The holotype specimen of the species K. queenslandicus was described by Longman in 1924, and is currently in the Queensland Museum.[1] Hampe described a second species, K. boyacensis, in 1992 from Colombia.[2]

Size issues

Body-length estimates had previously put the total length of Kronosaurus at 12.8 meters (43 feet).[4] However, a recent study comparing fossil specimens of Kronosaurus to other pliosaurs suggests that the previous estimate was an exaggeration, with the true length probably being only 9–10 meters (30–33 feet).[3]


The teeth of Kronosaurus are large in length (exceeding 7 cm - the largest up to 30 cm long with 12 cm crowns). However, they lack carinae (cutting edges) and the distinct trihedral (three facets) of Pliosaurus and Liopleurodon teeth. The combination of large size, conical shape and lack of cutting edges allows for easy identification of Kronosaurus teeth in Cretaceous deposits from Australia.[3][5]


K. queenslandicus

Large, round bite-marks have been found on the skull of an Australian elasmosaurid (Eromangasaurus) that could be from a Kronosaurus attack. Some believe Kronosaurus to have had venom pods or possibly gas chambers in its head.


Some creationsists believe that this could be the Leviathan described in the book of Job.

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