Sunday, November 18, 2012

Travel Ling

I always thought that would be a cool, all be it hokey, name for a Vietnamese airline! Anyway.. here is yesterday in a nutshell.

    Arrived at bus stop in Karlovka 8:17
    Got a ride to Poltava
    Got a bus in Poltava to another stop
    Took a taxi to train station, arrived at 11:50 (I took a bus from the train station)
    Sat in my reserved seat and rode the bus to Kiev
    Arrived at Kiev train station approx. 5:30 PM
    My train left at 6:42 PM
    Arrived at 8:40 AM next day
    Took bus 34 to stop
    Walked to next stop and took bus 118
    Took a taxi from bus stop
    Arrived home at 10:37 AM
       Summary. 26:20 travel time, 7 transportation devices, approx. 700 kilometers, lots of fun!! 

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  1. Ahh man that sounds like a crazy trip - didn't you wish you could hop on a plane and get there in like an hour?! lol


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