Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Totally Wicked Wednesday 02

So, for the second installment of Totally Wicked Wednesday, yeah I know this is hockey, but... per-request this TWW will be about the coolest cartoon characters!! Lol    Enjoy!!

  Well, we have to start with the good guys. Actually, this week everyone that I picked is a good guy, but maybe another time I'll do a post on bad dudes and dudets! Keep in mind this is a super short post, really! Obviously, there are tons of other cool characters out there, but I cant post about everyone, aaaaand if you really want somebody specific to make the list next time, tell me!

 So, first off for those of you who dont know, yeah, Cyclops from X-men Evolution!! Normally known as Scott Summers. Extremely smart, loyal, good looking, and the first x-man, Scott has powerful fusion beams come out of his eyes if he is not wearing his glasses. So far, he has not fully mastered his powers.

  Toothless, the one and only night fury dragon of icy Burk! Starring in How to Train Your Dragon by Dream  Works studios, this high strung yet friendly dragon is the personal 'wings' of main character Hiccup. Toothless is smart and loving, but don't be caught without fish or while wearing weapons while in his presence or you might end up on your back with a singed head!!

   No, he cant talk, but this beloved chameleon from the Disney classic Tangled doesn't see the need to. Pascal can communicate anything he wants to through body language, great facial expression, and adorable grunts! He does not like to be cooped up, but as long as he is, entertaining himself with a game of hide and seek is not a bad consolation. Unless you are with the girl with the frying pan, watch out for this little tiger.

     Yep, best for last-sorry all other animated characters, but this guy is unbeatable! Ok, honesty for a sec. this guy is my role model! Seriously! Tigger, is super positive, a wonderful (um should I say human being! lol), athletic, and just an all around superman. There is only one, so you never confuse this spunky friend for someone else. Ever ready to help out a friend in need, all while bouncing and often singing, I so wish I could be like Tigger...
  So, that's a wrap for this week ;)
  Who is your favorite -most wicked- animated character?


  1. Cool stuff. We just loved "How to train your dragon"

  2. Omigawd, Tigger! Childhood memories are flooding back to me now... <3 And I loved the movie How To Tame Your Dragon. Toothless is ADORABLE! My favourite animated character... Hmm probably Prince Zuko from Avatar: The Last Airbender.

  3. Pascal and Tigger!! (I tried to pick just one, but couldn't... they're just both so great!!)


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