Sunday, June 6, 2010

What are we thinking

With a population half the size of the USA, Nigeria is the eighth most populous country on the planet. Over fifty percent are Muslim, yet freedom of religion is prevelant. Ask yourself, how many missionaries have you met who are going to Nigeria?? For every 1 person in my home state of Maine who needs to hear the Gospel, 152 need to hear it in Nigeria (facts taken from the CIA World Factbook). Maybe we need to get our eyes off our own selves, our own country, and look to the fields. It is impossible to have an intense burden for the far off and not have one for your next door neighbor, but by experience I have seen that many have a burden for their loved ones etc. and not for the vast billions of the far flung nations. America has 97% of the world's preachers and 3% of the world population, obviously something is out of whack. "Why should so many hear the Gospel again and again when so few have never heard it once?" -Oswald J. Smith

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