Saturday, December 13, 2008

Week in UA

OK, well I had a good Monday through Friday. Monday I did school and finally got to run. I have been off my usual schedule for training and it feels great to be back on it!!!! Tuesday was just a normal day with school and running. Thursday my Dad, brother and I went to the city to visit with a new convert named Arkady. We had a great time and were able to talk about the Lord for a while. We also met his wife for the first time. She is really nice and needs prayer to be saved. Oh, did I mention that she is from Turkmenistan(spelling)???? Ya, pretty cool huh?? Her brother [Kaka, not the famous footbal player] is staying with them at the moment and he made us his "famous" recipe of plove. It's rice with vegetables, mushrooms, meat and a lot of spices. Sometimes it has beans too, but not normaly. Anyway, it tasted really good and we had a good time. By the way, this man came to church last Sunday, but he only knows Russian so he did not get a lot out of it. Please pray for him. Got to go.

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