Sunday, December 21, 2008

Friday the 12th

Tonight Mom was not feeling good so I made the pizza. Well, sort of, we got the crusts already made I just did the rest. I can make the crust, but I did not tonight. And guess what??? No one died after eating it!!!! No really, I am not a bad cook. I had a good tome doing intervals in the afternoon before pizza. The wind was super strong!! To give you a gross statistic, I spit at a right angle to the wind and my spit went eleven feet before it hit the ground!! At least the wind was at a right angle to me while I ran so it did not affect me that much. While I was running my reps an older man came by "trying' to ride a bike, but the wind was so strong that he kept losing his balance and almost falling!!! Well, he started to just walk and when I ran past him [while he was still riding] he started yelling at me and calling me a stupid idiot because I did not have enough clothes on!!! I had on my running tights, shorts, long sleeved T, short sleeved T, and earmuffs, but I guess that was not enough for him. He then went on to say how dumb it was to be running anyway, this is a guy that I have never met before!!! Anyway, I am used to it as it happens all of the time from all different people. Oh yeah, this picture is from last year. We do not have snow yet.


  1. HEY! That comment about your life expectancy was not nice! lol But sadly very true!!!! ^_^ lol!!!

  2. Hey, I do not believe im lying!!! No really, I am sure I could take out more people on my bike than you can with a car. I actually have knocked down four people at once before!!! To boot they were middle aged Ukranian women, oops!!!! Yes they yelled at me. But who cares, it was so fun!!! I am really bad. It was an accident, honest.


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