Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Wicked Wednesday -04

Ok, so this Wicked Wednesday (or a Mainer's Midweek) is going to be a little cliche, but it is going to be the Wickedest Pictures from this Past week!!  With the constant snowing and everything I got a lot of good shots, but sadly my camera is acting up, so many of these are from my phone, enjoy!! And if you have a better caption than me, feel free to add it in the comments!!))

Now look here buddy, make this white substance go away from  our yard or else!!!

Super Granny
Jadis was here~

Yours truely, with a crazy look on his face o_O

Plastic tree, Greenpeace would not approve

Who needs a tractor when you have a brother!

Heated seats?? Well we have chilled seats
If you can gocart in this, good on ya**

Yes, this guy is going nowhere soon
My personal favorite! 


  1. Wow, is that a little bit of SNOW you guys have there??! lol

  2. Hey, cool pics. Lots of snow!!

  3. Te deseo felices fiestas y año nuevo, en unión de tu seres queridos.
    Un cordial saludo.


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