Tuesday, July 27, 2010

One World

So what about world peace??? It seems to be the fad among people of my age; teens, young adults, but what are the realities!!! The Bible says blessed are the peacemakers, but is the UN really a peace maker?? living in Europe and having been to many of Europe's nations, I have a first hand, yet outsiders view of EU tactics, including peace keeping, but, I do not like what I see. Peace should not be bought by the sacrifice of freedom. There is a peace that only comes from war. -First Knight. I think that Louis L'amour sums it up in his book Fair Blows the Wind "It is all very well to wish for peace, but while there are such people as this... there will always be wars. A man can convince himself that others want peace as much as he, but he will only be fooling himself, for it is the last thing that many men want...unless they can take all they covet without having to fight." So seek peace, and pursue it, but don't sacrifice the eternal on the altar of the immediate.

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