Sunday, December 20, 2009

Devil?? "Brethren"?? Ice?? Cold??? Windburn?? Whatever, Who Cares!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So, life is cool, seriously. We have been having really nice warm weather, but tons of mud. Ua mud!!! I'm talking, scrape your shoes off every 8th of a mile while running, mud; but thank God he cooled it off last Friday and yesterday I did my coldest run so far this year: -17, or -4 for those of you in the W. Hemisphere. Ya, it was an awesome, all be it, short 5.5 miler. Hey, serious running is the only kind, all others are joggers!!! The Creator made our bodies with amazing adaptivity!! The Devil has been attacking on all fronts, but hey, God is Bigger!!!!!!!!!! Please pray for my brother as he is going through a very hard spiritual battle right now. This morning we had a great victory at church!! Praise the LORD!! Last Saturday I taught our kids club and I taught Sunday school last Sunday too. Nothing like hands on training. Speaking of the cold, it started snowing last Saturday and kept going for six days straight and at the moment we have between 12 and 16 inches. Cool huh?? I got to go. Encourage yourself in the LORD!!!!!!

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