Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Hey Ya'll

Life has been nuts, I still do not have a lot of time to blog or e-mail. I did some nice mountain biking this morning. Also today I went to a Christian drama conference for working with teens [this morning] and we had church and the Lord's Supper this evening [praise the Lord for a good service.] Yesterday, I clocked out 10 mi's of running and our family all went to a friends house for dinner. And yes, I am getting school done in the mist of all this!! Monday we leave for a trip to Germany!! Tomorrow morning I have to go to a family conference. Hey, listen to this, yesterday it was in the sixtys, today we had a white-out, now it is warm again!!! At least it is good for sap collecting. Yes, I know this post is choppy and has bad grammar, but I am on the move. God is sooo wonderful!!! Talk to you all later!!! :)

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