Thursday, February 12, 2009


Ya, so like that's how our eight hour drive to Kiev tomorrow is going to be like!!! Please pray that we will be safe and that my aunt will have a good flight home. Yes, I will fill you all in on the past few weeks soon!!! Oh, by the way we have a Mitsubishi that we rented, so we have REAL wheels. Not like the Lada, or even worse, Moscowvitch that we were borrowing from some friends!!! They had a manual choke and everything, not to mention the the fact that they were hand-me-downs from Noah!!!! But, praise the Lord for anything that is faster than a bike!!

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  1. Hi Mack!
    Your pictures are awesome!! Love the hawk - it is a hawk, isn't it? Keep up the good work. With our snail paced internet connection I don't surf/blog much. But when I do, I enjoy your posts.
    Eya soon,
    Uncle Bill
    p.s. say hi to Diah for me!!


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